relief rituals for healing and everyday balance

Our team of experts have created a series of healing rituals to help guide and customize your wellness journey. From helping with back pain and headaches to easing anxiety and stress, our rituals will help you find relief points, bringing a sense of calm and balance to your everyday.
comes with 6 everyday healing rituals

Our relief rituals are customized to balance both the body and mind. Whether you need relief from pain or discomfort, are seeking mental and emotional clarity or are just craving a moment of mindfulness, these rituals will help you heal, flourish, and bloom - helping you feel your best self.

Included in each ear seed kit is an educational, easy to follow, illustrative relief rituals guide of healing acupressure points commonly stimulated to help relieve a variety of conditions.

Find the points, apply seeds and let the healing begin!

every purchase of bloom balance ear seeds comes with a relief rituals booklet with dozens of protocols to heal your inner need

feel free to combine points to target different conditions all at once.

Healing treatments included in your Relief Rituals Manual

be calm for stress | be still for better sleep| be gone for headache relief | be happy for depression
be balanced for body pain fertility for conception

these relief rituals will help heal the soul and relax the mind, creating mindful living - anytime, anywhere

better than a cup of coffee, pressure points can stimulate your nervous system for a boost of energy
energy boost

The perfect pick-me-up for those mid-day slumps

barely noticeable, ear seeds look like a delicate accessory
small, subtle, safe

Tiny but mighty with prolonged benefits and continued well-being

no need to worry about placing every day, ear seeds stay in palce as long as the stick lasts for through everyday activities
up to 5 days of use

Lasts through showers, your workday and sleep - your 24/7 healing sidekick

healing meets beauty in one tiny seed

Designed to be used to aid in the relief of stress, anxiety and physical pain in the body

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