the all-natural glow getter

it’s glow time!  our gentle and effective facial cupping kit will leave you feeling calm, radiant and relaxed, with the flawless, glowing skin you’ve always wanted. 

how to heal with facial cupping

What is facial cupping?

This Eastern medicine technique brightens skin, stimulates collagen production, releases facial tension and sculpts the cheekbones, jawline and neck - instantly - by stimulating the free flow of Qi (energy) in the face and the body.

How does it work?

It’s all about the suction. 

Using a gentle suction and slide motion, our facial cups lift the fascia away from underlying tissue and stimulate collagen production, reducing puffiness and improving blood flow. Smoother, brighter, healthier skin is just a squeeze, slide and glow away!

The best alternative to sitting in meditation, simple press and feel the effects
When do you use them?

Designed and created with the highest-quality materials, our facial cupping kit is easy to use, clean and store — perfect for those on-the-go glow sessions or for the quiet rituals in the comfort of your home. Just a few minutes a day will have you feeling and looking your very best. Can you say #lifechanged?