About Us

We wanted to create products that allowed individuals to fully immerse themselves in complete relaxation and feel grounded. bloom balance was co-founded by Dr Aliya and supported by a team of health care practitioners and wellness experts who bring a wealth of experience to the science and research behind our range of products.
Our Experts

We like to think of ourselves as wellness connoisseurs. Our diverse team of experts brings years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and truly have the magic touch when it comes to healing, making us pros at creating safe and effective healing rituals.

Our specialty is designing products backed by research and based in ancient medicine to help busy individuals infuse some self-care into their every day—in an accessible, available and inclusive way. Just think of us as your wellness-savvy BFFs who know just the trick to help you feel your best self.  

Dr. Aliya Visram places ear seeds on a patient

Our Story

From our family wellness clinic in Toronto, Ontario we wanted to help more and more people find balance in their life by curating products that help busy people (us included) find a moment to indulge in self care and relieve their aches and pains from the comfort of their home.  

But we’re more than that.  We’re a community.

We’ll admit, we’re a little bit obsessed with wellness. Nothing brings us greater joy than helping others become their best, most authentic selves, which is why we started our family health clinic, wellbe family wellness. 

But as busy moms and entrepreneurs trying to juggle a million things, we know first-hand how hard it is to take a moment for yourself and practice a little self-care. We wanted to find some easy, accessible and enjoyable solutions for incorporating wellness into everyday life — no matter how hectic things can get. We wanted to be able to create something that could empower busy people (guilty!) to take their health and well-being in their own hands—something that could give you a little piece of ✨wellbe magic✨ at home. 

And so, bloom balance was born.

A curated apothecary of things that support your health and wellbeing through a holistic experience. Our hand-picked products are tried and tested by our team of practitioners and experts and will help you to heal, flourish, bloom, and feel your absolute best. We’ve made sure they’re not just effective, but also fun to use (and pretty to look at!) so your moments of mindfulness can be something to look forward to each day. ♡

ask us anything, we're here to help.

our team

Dr aliya visram


Dr Aliya is an acupuncturist, chiropractor and co-founder of bloom balance & wellbe family wellness, Toronto's most comprehensive family wellness clinic. An acupuncturist of over 14 years, she specializes in women's health, pre and post-natal care as well as family wellness.

Sarina Visram


A “chronic wellness user,” Sarina is co-founder of bloom balance & wellbe family wellness - and just as obsessed with wellness as her sis, Dr Aliya. A self-described workaholic, Sarina is passionate about educating others on finding natural methods to reduce stress & anxiety and live a more balanced life.

Heather Rule


Heather is an acupuncturist + birth doula, inspired by how acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can benefit pregnancy and labour outcomes, as well as general health. A lover of hands-on, practical and creative work, Heather focuses on reproductive health, pregnancy and postpartum care, and also treats acute and chronic pain, digestive issues, anxiety and insomnia among other concerns. She knows all the spots that will make you feel just right!

like we said, we're obsessed with wellness, and hope with bloom balance, you will be too!