The OG in self care and massage

the head-to-toe approach of Gua Sha means it’s our go-to for all things relaxation - and we know it will be yours too!

how to heal with gua sha

because Gua Sha is a holistic treatment - there is no wrong way to do it

What is gua sha?

Made from Black Obsidian or White Jade, our bloom balance Gua Sha tools are a fan-fave for self-care - from head to toe and inside out.

How does it work?

By stimulating blood flow and acu-points, Gua Sha helps detox the body and the skin, relieves tight and tense tissue and balances the body. The best part? Since it’s a holistic treatment, there’s no wrong way to do it.

When do you use it?

Use our Gua Sha at any time, fitting it in between meetings, first thing in the morning or as the last part of your day before bed.

make the most of your Gua Sha

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