Healing Never Looked So Good
Beauty Meets Healing
With One Tiny Seed

Specially crafted beads to heal and balance body and mind.

Holistic Wellness Made Easy
Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Backed by Science

We get it — life is busy, and taking time for yourself isn’t always a priority. We wanted to create a product that would help you find a moment of stillness within the chaos. To help you take wellness into your own hands - anytime, anywhere. To empower you to indulge in a little self-care, cultivate mindfulness and feel your best, most centered and balanced self. 

Just think of our seeds as your tiny, but mighty, healing superhero.

| Reduce Anxiety | Balance Body and Mind | Manage Pain | Relieve Stress | Improve Digestion | Support Sleep | Balance Emotions | Regulate Hormones | Stabilize Brain Chemistry

Wellness and Everyday Mindfulness

Healing, Balance and Wellness Made Easy

Like a hot stone massage, but wihtout the wait time to see a massage therapist
For pain and discomfort

Ease those pesky aches and pains, bask in the feeling of relief, and get back to being your best self.

Works on the neuropathways of your brain to stimulate your natural ability to heal
For a moment of mindfulness

Engage in purposeful mindfulness through the ear seeding ritual. Activate your seeds by settling into stillness, taking a breath, applying slight pressure and —ahhh—letting it all go!

The best alternative to sitting in meditation, simple press and feel the effects
for mental and emotional clarity

Balance your emotions, calm your spirit, ground your body and savour those good vibes.


The New Way To Heal, Flourish And Bloom

Hear us out — with ear seeds, pressure is a good thing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is believed to be a representation of the entire body, and adding a bit of pressure to certain points on the ear can create energy and balance along the body’s pathways or meridians. 

bloom balance healing ear seeds stimulate pressure points to help keep day to day stress levels low and energy levels high. 

It’s the acupuncture “on-the-go” daily boost of energy and calm you’ve been craving.

learn about our relief rituals
better than a cup of coffee, pressure points can stimulate your nervous system for a boost of energy
Energy Boost

The perfect pick-me-up for those mid-day slumps.

barely noticeable, ear seeds look like a delicate accessory
Small, Subtle, Safe

Tiny but mighty with prolonged benefits and continued well-being.

Using only pure gold or stainless steel silver so your sensitive ears don't go under any stress from contact with the seeds

Made from 24K gold and silver, safe for sensitive skin.

no need to worry about placing every day, ear seeds stay in palce as long as the stick lasts for through everyday activities
Up To 5 Days Of Use

Lasts through showers, your workday and sleep - your 24/7 healing superhero.

The Experts Behind Bloom

We are a group of wellness practitioners that wanted to create products that would empower individuals to care for themselves and create a little time in their lives to feel grounded, to heal and to find balance .


"I wanted to tell you how AMAZING the ears seeds are!!!! I was so calm and relaxed all weekend (I normally hate weekends bc I’m so exhausted! Haha). But this weekend little things that would normally annoy me, just rolled off my shoulders and I was so calm!!! So whatever the ear seeds do..... they totally worked and I feel I need them in permanently!"

- Alexandra S

using 24k gold ear seeds

“Ear Seeds are pure Magic. They’ve helped with my anxiety, depression and insomnia. Thank you so much for creating such a great wellness product!"

- Sierra T

using 24k gold ear seeds

"I was skeptical about the benefits of these ear seeds at first because I didn't think that such a tiny seed could do SO MUCH, but I was wrong! One day into using them and I felt less stress, I was sleeping better and my muscles were recovering a lot faster after my workout. These have now become my go-to for feeling good. Worth the try, you won't be disappointed."

Megan P

using 24k gold ear seeds

"with the pandemic, work, my kids etc. it can be really hard to make time for self care, which is why I am so happy to have found this gem of a product! I was surprised that for the very little time it takes to apply these, that the rewards lasted throughout the week. A little squeeze in moments of need and I am feeling a lot more zen. Bonus being that they are also super cute, so they add a little glam to my everyday look."

Rebecca H

using 24k gold ear seeds

"instant calm. the first time I tried these seeds I couldnt' believe it. my migraines were better and i slept more soundly. the relief rituals manual is amazing at giving me all the different points I need and is super easy to follow. I will be ordering more for sure!"


using silver ear seeds