Spice Up Your Love Life: Ear Seeds for a Libido Boost 🔥

Spice Up Your Love Life: Ear Seeds for a Libido Boost 🔥

In traditional Chinese medicine, low libido and poor sexual function are often seen as an imbalance of Yin (female energies) and Yang (male energies). To give your libido a boost and add some spice to your love life, you can use ear seeds on specific points to activate your sexual desire and excitement. These points include the Sexual Desire Point, Excitement Point, and Shen Men

ear seeds for a libido boost


Used together, these ear seed points boost sexual desire, increase libido (aka your normal sexual drive or desire) and enhance arousal. They activate the brain to get “excited”, relieving sexual impairment. 

Factors that can also impact libido include:

  • physical and emotional well-being
  • hormonal changes
  • relationship issues
  • stress

Want to give your libido an extra boost? Try adding these in tandem with your ear seeds to keep that spark going:

  • add foods such as goji berries & ginseng to nourish the body and boost yang energy
  • follow your emotions - understanding feelings, thoughts and emotions allows us to understand your energy and what your body is telling you
  • add more movement to your life. Improving your physical wellbeing is a great way to give your libido a boost!
  • fit in some self-care. When you love yourself, you have more to give!
  • try something new in the bedroom. From silky lingerie to playful role-playing, exploring new things together can be a great way to ignite the spark.

Adding a little fire to your relationship is easy - all it takes is a little effort to feel that spark and get your libido going!

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