5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Moxa This Fall

5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Moxa This Fall

If you haven’t already noticed the drop in temps and the PSLs emerging - it’s time to take note! Fall is here and it’s the time to focus on staying healthy and well this Fall and Winter! (unsubscribe covid)

If you haven’t already added moxa (aka moxibustion) to your self-care routine, now is the perfect time. This TCM herb (it’s made from mugwort!) is a total Powerhouse - with a capital P and we’re sharing our top 5 reasons why you need to give moxa a try this fall.

PS for those who don’t know - Moxa refers to both the dried herb Artemesia /Mugwort Leaf/Ai Ye as well as a shorthand reference to the topical application of it to the body (the official term is moxibustion, combining moxa + combustion, or burning).

It can help with baby positioning. 

Did you know that moxa can help with breech babies? If it sounds wild, it’s because it is……. And it works - and there’s research to prove it! Many OBs and midwives recommend Moxibustion for pregnant patients who present with Breech Babes.

Holding your moxa stick over a special point on your baby toe - appropriate, no? - your baby will be encouraged to move into the optimal birthing position.

It’s an easy way to warm up when things get cool.

Brrr… Those chilly temps are coming! During the colder months, using moxa will help build warmth + energy and release coldness. Not only that, but since it helps to expel cold pathogens in your body, it can be used to treat symptoms of cold + flu and boost your immunity, preventing illness!

Menstrual cramps - no thank you.

Do you experience cramping that slows you down during that time of the month? Sometimes they are just plain debilitating aren’t they?!

We got you, bestie!

Holding your moxa over a couple of key spots on your body has benefits that will make PMS a breeze - relief of pain and discomfort, a boost of energy, mood regulation + the relaxation of tense and tight muscles. This one will be your new BFF when your period shows up (take a backseat hot water bottle) – trust us!

Instant pain relief? It’s a no-brainer.

Feeling sore? Moxa is perfect for relieving those sore, tired muscles. Whether you’ve been hitting the gym, walking the mall or getting your dance on, this is a great way to get relief whenever you need it. Holding it over tender areas will warm ligaments, muscles and tendons, helping the blood to flow and improving circulation so you can get back at it in no time.

That postpartum healing.

Moxa is an amazing aid when it comes to postpartum recovery. Your body has gone through something incredible and now it’s time for you to heal. Best used on day 4 or 5 after childbirth, holding your moxa over a special area of your abdomen replenishes energy levels and enhances the circulation of blood in this area for speedy healing and recovery.

Ready to make moxa your bff this fall? 

Click here to learn more and to get started! 

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