rainbow crystal ear seeds
rainbow crystal ear seeds on fingers
rainbow crystal ear seeds
rainbow crystal ear seeds

rainbow crystal ear seeds refill kit

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We've taken our pride love to the next level with these Swarovski crystal-embellished 24K gold plated pellets! These rainbow crystals will be a wonderful addition to your holistic modern-chic lifestyle this pride month!

Our ear seeds are designed to aid in the relief of stress, anxiety and physical pain in the body. Each pack contains 40 Swarovski crystal ear seeds.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale of rainbow crystal ear seeds will be donated to Friends of Ruby, a community organization dedicated to the progressive well-being of LGBTQI2S youth (aged 16-29).

Apply to clean, dry ears for proper adhesion. Peel seed from backing using tweezers or fingers. Place gold seed on desired ear point with crystal facing out, and press firmly to ensure seed adheres to skin. To create an extra boost - stimulate seed and its effects by gently pressing seed throughout the day! Easy-peasy! You’ll be blooming into balance in no time! Seeds can be left in place for up to 5 days.
They’re made from 24kt gold and swarovski crystals. Small and subtle (not to mention, they look really cool next to your existing earrings).
For Pain And Discomfort Relief

Ease those pesky aches and pains, bask in the feeling of relief, and get back to being your best self.

For A Moment Of Mindfulness

Engage in purposeful mindfulness through the ear seeding ritual. Activate your seeds by settling into stillness, taking a breath, applying slight pressure and —ahhh— letting it all go.

The best alternative to sitting in meditation, simple press and feel the effects
For Mental And Emotional Clarity

Balance your emotions, calm your spirit, ground your body and savor those good vibe feelings.

balance the mind and body | manage stress • reduce anxiety • manage pain • improve your digestion
Mindfulness Made Easy
The new way to heal, flourish and bloom

As busy working individuals, we understand that life gets hectic, no one has time to ring up and book an acupuncture appointment only to find out they’re fully booked. Meet your new best friend,  bloom balance ear seeds are exactly that, ‘acu’ on-the-go for your daily boost of energy whilst keeping stress at bay.

better than a cup of coffee, pressure points can stimulate your nervous system for a boost of energy
Energy Boost

The perfect pick-me-up for those mid-day slumps.

barely noticeable, ear seeds look like a delicate accessory
Small, Subtle, Safe

Tiny but mighty with prolonged benefits and continued well-being.

Using only pure gold or stainless steel silver so your sensitive ears don't go under any stress from contact with the seeds

Made from 24k gold and silver, safe for sensitive skin.

no need to worry about placing every day, ear seeds stay in palce as long as the stick lasts for through everyday activities
up to 5 days of use

Lasting through showers, your workday and sleep.

Stress & Anxiety Can Take Over Your Entire Day, now there's a simple solution

It’s why we created Bloom Balance Ear Seeds. Helping you feel your best, so you can start healing - one tiny “superhero” seed at a time.