Libido-Boosting Tips You Need to Know this Valentine's Day

Libido-Boosting Tips You Need to Know this Valentine's Day

V-day can be 💖 every day 💖 with a little help from our ear seeds. 

Using our 24K healing ear seeds on certain acupressure points can help improve circulation and energy flow along pathways that surround the organs that affect sex drive.

These points correspond to different body systems including sexual function - stimulating nerve connections found on ear points sends “love” messages to the brain to release feel-good hormones - which have a positive effect on sex drive.

Here are three ear seed points you can use to rev things up this v-day (and any day!): 

〰️ Sexual Desire Point - enhances sexual arousal, boosts libido

〰️ Excitement point - excitation of the cerebral cortex which alleviates low desire

〰️ Shen Men - relaxes the body and calms the mind, getting rid of extra worry or anxiousness

ear seed acupressure points for libido and sexual desire


Press on these points for approximately 20-30 seconds with your thumb and index finger using mild pressure.  

This is how our ear seeds work to boost your sex drive:

  1. Helps reach orgasm by improving circulation, including circulation in the kidneys (a circulatory issue that affects orgasm). Healthy circulation can also next-level your roll in the sheets because it enhances the senses, including your response to sensual touches and settings. Acupuncture also brings your body, mind, and heart in sync, which can only help with finding that deeper connection.
  2. Balances hormones. Hormone balance issues can affect things like sleep patterns, period pain and sex drive.  Hormones acts as messengers that regulates arousal. By balancing the hormones, we can also start feel balanced in our overall life.
  3. Acupuncture relieves stress. Sex and stress don’t mix - dealing with both stress and stangant energy can undermine ability to enjoy sex. Acupressure or ear seeds restore balance, increase relaxation and can boost low sex drive.
  4. Acupuncture is a holistic treatment and can often relieve other issues that contribute to lowered libido. Excess or deficiency in Chinese medicine manifests in other ways including low sexual desire.  By treating the whole body we are able to relieve these symptoms.

We bet you didn’t know that 50% of women are too tired, too stressed and too worried about their body image to actually enjoy sex - we're hoping that our ear seeds can help to change that.

Try using our ear seeds and let us know how your v-day plans go!

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