3 Ways to Build a Healthy Routine This Fall

3 Ways to Build a Healthy Routine This Fall

While it’s always a good time to build healthy new routines - early Fall is one of the *best* times to get grounded and create balance in your life.

 Get yourself into the habit with our 3 game-changing tips.

 1. Eat Seasonally

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, eating with the season is pivotal to keeping Qi moving and your Yin and Yang energies balanced.  Ask yourself, what produce is growing right now, where you reside?  Try local farmers markets or grocers for farm to table options and taste the difference.

 2. Establish a sustainable sleep routine

Easy and do-able by creating boundaries around screen time and work times.  Set a timer to go off when it’s time to wind down.  Try using our Gua Sha stone at bedtime as a way to get blood flowing and include in your bedtime routine.

 3. Do it Daily.

Whether it’s going to the gym or flossing, doing something daily creates a routine and is habit forming.  Add it your calendar daily - preferably at the same time each day! 

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